What We Do

Avitar Unlimited specializes in remarketing a wide range of assets from Test equipment to Microscopes, Ovens, Chambers, Insertion equipment, Wave solder, Screen printers as well as component parts for boards and assemblies. Avitar Unlimited has provided over 15 years continuous service to the Defense, Government, and Commercial Electronic and High-tech manufacturing concerns.

Our focus has always been to provide the best possible service custom tailored to the individual clients needs. We are small enough to tailor our service to your individual needs, but large enough to handle any deal. Our relationships are personal ones rather than that of a large rigid bureaucracy.

We buy a large amount of property for inventory and have over 20,000 square feet devoted to inventory and remarketing.

Quality Equipment

Avitar Unlimited has specialized in providing very high quality pre-owned manufacturing equipment to industry for over 15 years. Our secret of longevity is simple: Give good value and make sure the customer is happy.

We often remarket equipment that is nearly new having been purchased for a cancelled or short run program. We also work with other brokers whom we have established long term relationships to locate or place your equipment.
Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff encompass experience of over 40 years in the business. We have handled entire plant closings in California and New York of plants with over 500,000 square feet.

We know how and where to remarket your assets using a variety of avenues, based on our vast knowledge base.